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The Shady Side Of 50

  "Sal Grippaldi has just released his first CD entitled The Shady Side of 50. This collection offers twelve cuts of a tapestry of feelings. Sal begins with the "in your face" Nobody's Business followed by the sultry Baby's Getting Married. Then he follows with a tune guaranteed to put bounce in your step with Don't Say Nothin'. That should get you out of your chair. The selections continue and will arouse feelings and create moods for you. You want melancholy? The Last One To Know will give it to you. If you're in a demanding mood already, listen to Be With Me Tonight. Hey, he ain't takin' no for an answer. Sal then waxes apologetic with his title song The Shady Side of 50. Oh, if nostalgia were musical notes . . .

The contemporary
Spending My Life On Line will put a smile on your face especially if you are connected.

Other gems on this crown collection are the reminiscent
That's All, To Be Loved By You, and the well-woven, A Day Like Today. The next to the last cut, Our Wedding Song, is this writer's personal favorite of the CD. It's a song of honoring. It is beautiful. Listen to this one with your significant other. Sal rounds out the collection with Alone (A Prayer). This one just might put you into a wistful mood.

Sal's brilliance is once again demonstrated. This time it is manifested on laser-read plastic.

Thanks, Sal for your contribution to our listening pleasure and for helping us feel true human emotion."...

  "Everytime I listen to Sal's Shady Side Of 50 CD - I get happy feet and all my troubles are gone fer a while. But be warned - this CD requires a HUGE green olive with a bit of martinni around it. Sit yerself at the piano bar to get the full effect :-)

I look forward to the day when I hear Barbra Streisand sing Sal's song
Alone What a beautiful combination that will be! "...

  "I couldn't wait to get the new CD from Sal Grippaldi! He is my #1 midi composer and to get his REAL songs with him signing was just beyond my wildest dreams! And the CD lived up to that review, too. As soon as I saw it peeking out of my mailbox, I rushed into the house, grabbed a margarita, and sat down to sing along with Sal. Made it even better that Sal was online and I could sing along with my CD while typing the words in to him online! It was the most fun! In other words, it's a great CD and I highly recommend it!"...

  "Wonderful music and album of memories and influences in life set to music from a very innovative, creative, and talented artist, Sal Grippaldi. Another winner, Sal!"...

  "Sal's songs have a very non-personal, commercial flow to them... even if they ARE personal : ) Alone was my favorite.  ...

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