My name is Sal Grippaldi, I've loved music ever since I can remember. Dad played the piano, and when he sat down…I was right behind him.

I've been playing music since about 9 years old, when an Uncle taught me "Tea For Two" on the piano and I played it for years from memory. Another Uncle gave me guitar lessons in my early teens. I started professional trumpet lessons at about age 12. I was leader of the Dance Band and Marching Band in High School besides being trumpet player in a wedding band…( I've seen so many wedding receptions, I couldn't bring myself to go to some that I was invited to).

Right out of High School I went into the Nightclub Scene with a Rock & Roll trio. After a couple of years I realized I couldn't have this career and still have the girl I loved. Two of the guys went on to become famous... I went on to become a Hand Engraver, Silk Screen Printer, Piano and Organ Store Manager, Storekeeper, etc. Most of my life I've had my own business of one kind or another, but the music was always there at home and still is.

I was introduced to computers and MIDI about twenty years ago by my son, Matt, a software developer and musician who has been involved with computers for the last 25 years. I now have a 3 Pentium PCs with all the accessories, programs and peripherals they can run and a Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard. I keep several music programs loaded in the computer, but I mostly use Band in a Box , Cakewalk Pro and Sonar.

Most playing out that I do now is confined to churches where I play keyboards and an occasional trumpet solo. I married the above mentioned girl 50 years ago and we have three wonderful children and six beautiful grandchildren. If I haven't given my age yet, that's as close as I'm gonna get.

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