The Last One To Know
Words and Music By Sal Grippaldi
Copyright Redsal 1999 * All rights reserved

Rain came down in torrents,
Gray clouds filled the sky,
And I was the last one to know,

Always the one at the end of the line,
Hurt, but trying not to let it show,

Love went out the window,
You walked out the door,
And I was the last one to know.

I took my place ,
At the end of the line,
I never dreamed,
That you'd really go.

The last one to know,
The one left behind,
I thought we had love,
But I guess I was blind,

Tears came down in buckets,
Saddness filled my heart,
To think that you treated me so,

You had somebody,
Whose love was eternal,
But you'll be the last one to know.

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The Last One To Know

1996 - Present Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
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