Aimee Angelique
Words and Music By Sal Grippaldi
Copyright Redsal 1999 * All rights reserved

I close my eyes and see your face,
It takes my soul to another place,
There's something deep down inside of me,

When will I taste your kiss again,
Oh yes, to feel like this again?,
I think of you and I cannot speak,
Aimee Angelique.

The Gods look down in wonder at the love we share,
The heavens reach for sunshine in your eyes,
Flowers in the field blush as we're walking by,
In such sweet surprise.

Every moment we're apart,
I'm so alone, you own my heart,
I must posess you heart and soul,
Evermore... Evermore,

So Angel please, don't stray from me,
Please take a vow to stay with me,
Bring back the touch that leaves me weak,
Aimee Angelique.

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Aimee Angelique

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